Grooming salon for big dogs small dogs laval montreal

Grooming salon for big and small dogs

When your animal comes at CaniSpa, we welcome it first in our store to allow it to get familiar with the center, while we listen to its owner's requests.

Afterwards, it enters in our grooming rooms while visiting our installations. Regarding its size and its weight, it is directed to the small size salon or the big size salon, where we find solid tables specifically fabricated for heavy weights and a ramp to enter into the bath tub. However, before we begin, we do a global observation of the animal to take the necessary precautions according to its condition.

Salon de toilettage petits chiens gros chien Laval Montréal

The services offered :

• Grooming and shearing
• Nails trimming
• Eyes cleaning
• Ears cleaning and hair removal
• Trimming of the pads hair
• Detangling and brushing
• Anal gland draining
• Shearing and cut with scissors
• Bow, scarf and perfume
• Bath with 100% natural SPECIAL SHAMPOO
• Hair drying and finition

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